How does this grant differ from others?

The CGG is not intended to fund specific projects.

A lot of grants place restrictions on how artists may use their funding, usually the money is to be spent on a specific project. The CGG is awarded based on past work, often in consideration of what an artist has done over the course of a life time. Awardees may spend their grant money on anything they wish.

The CGG is not awarded solely based on artistic excellence.

The majority of grants are awarded based on the artistic excellence exemplified in the artist's submitted work examples. The CGG is awarded based on the artist's activity in relation to the community and its impact. The grant may be awarded to someone who uses the creative process in ways other than creating artworks.

Please explain the phrase Conductive Garboil in other words.

Conductive: (adjective) having the property or capability of conductivity; relating to conduction (as of electricity).

Garboil: (noun) tumult; disturbance; disorder.

Applied to an artistic practice, the phrase might describe creating or doing something disruptive (garboil) that connects or energizes (conductive) people in the community. Any activity or art practice that challenges the current role that art or the creative process play in society may also qualify. There are a myriad number of ways that creativity can disturb the status quo and affect the community. In general, this is what Su meant when she coined the phrase.

What constitutes a significant connection to Pioneer Square?

The applicant has, for example, either in the past, or currently:

  • Lived or worked in Pioneer Square
  • Exhibited or performed in Pioneer Square
  • Based artistic or community projects or actions in Pioneer Square
  • Created a Pioneer Square themed project

May I apply for a future project?

The CGG was not intended to fund specific projects. It is awarded based on past work or activity. As Su said, it recognizes artists who incorporate the creative process into a life practice. However, you may include a description of scheduled future projects in your essay.


Your Essay

Su believed strongly that artists should possess good writing skills. Take advantage of the requirement allowing two full pages of text for your essay. Outline specifically how your work or practice fulfills the grant criteria. Describe projects in detail. Include your intent and any impact you've observed or documented.

Your Work Samples

Unlike most grants, your submission is not limited to recent work. Include projects from any time period that best fit the grant criteria. Provide work samples for the projects you highlight in your essay.