Rio Pacific Studio (Jen Vertz, Jeff Jacobson)

Rio Pacific Jeff Jacobeson

Have you walked or driven down 2nd Avenue in Pioneer Square recently? Did you happen to see the massive hyper-realistic mural, Emerge, on the side of the Metropole building? Ever visit the 4th floor of the 619 Western Building on a First Thursday or attend the annual urban art celebration, Artoleptic?

If so, you’ve witnessed the work of Rio Pacific Studio – “Little” Jen Vertz and Jeff “Weirdo” Jacobson.

Jen and Jeff have lived and worked together in the Square since 2006. Their impact on the community has been significant. They regularly provide opportunities for other artists to showcase their work and build positive relationships with the viewing public. They organize Artoleptic, transform forgotten spaces with colorful, dynamic murals, and work with the Alliance for Pioneer Square, local businesses and other organizations to energize and promote the health and wellbeing of the neighborhood.